Voy a dejar esto acá. Es el readme de mi último experimento. Solo en inglés :(


Simple Socket manager for supporting realtime communication in iD editor.




iD-socket can be installed in a server separated from the iD editor itself or not, as supports CORS by default. Be sure you first have riD (iD fork) cloned and running by doing:

$ git clone
$ cd riD/
$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

(At this point, the cloned iD fork, has the demo iD-socket server url, so it will work stand alone)

Once you install iD-socket somewhere:

$ git clone
$ cd iD-socket
$ npm install


$ DEBUG="*" node app.js

Or you can also override the default 80 port with env var called PORT:

$ DEBUG="*" PORT="3000" node app.js

Works in Heroku or Scalingo?

Yes. Right away. In the demo app, there is an iD editor fork called riD which main branch is realtime-changes, running in Github Pages ( and the socket backend (iD-socket, this repo) is deployed in Scalingo (
You can do the same and have your own really quick. Try it!


Once you know the host of your iD-socket, you can change it in the riD index.html file, at the bottom script tag:

var socket_connect = function (room) {
        return io('http://url-to-id-socket:80', {
            query: 'r_var='+room